Tea Cappuccino Debuts at The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf

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Tea cappuccino

Tea cappuccino (photo credit : CBTL)

by Anneli Rufus Just when you thought the world could not possibly produce another frothy caffeinated beverage, The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf has just launched a new concept: Tea Cappuccino. Since the word “cappuccino,” when first applied to coffee drinks, referred only to the hooded brown robes of Italian Capuchin friars and not to anything specifically coffee-ish, it can just as aptly be appended to a tea drink — or a bean dish or anything else that is richly brown, come to think of it. Debuting recently at all CBTL locations, Tea Cappuccino combines freshly brewed tea, whole-milk foam and vanilla bean sauce in three different flavors: chai, Scottish Breakfast and Anniversary Blend. The latter blend marks CBTL’s fiftieth anniversary; the company was founded in Southern California in 1963. “To keep the brand relevant and cutting-edge, and still very much part of popular culture, we came up with a product that has yet to be mastered,” says CBTL President Mel Elias. “The Tea Cappuccinos blend innovation and forward-thinking with our core heritage.” http://www.coffeebean.com/ Keep coming back to GAYOT.com for the latest on Coffee and Tea