Restaurant Rating System

By Gayot Editors

GAYOT’s Restaurant Rating System Explained evaluates each restaurant on a specific rating system based on a 20-point scale. GAYOT’s highest possible score is 20 — but no restaurant has ever reached it. (It resembles the grading range used for students in France.)

The rankings reflect only GAYOT’s opinion of the food, including the quality of the ingredients and the creativity of the chef. The décor, service, ambience and wine list are commented on within each review.

GAYOT ranks restaurants in major destinations, including New York, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Paris and London. Thus, in GAYOT’s rankings here we are comparing the restaurants on our site to others in major cities. Also, GAYOT’s rankings are relative. A 13/20 may not be a superlative ranking for a highly acclaimed (and very expensive) restaurant, but it is quite complimentary for a small place without much culinary pretension.

You’ll see this rating on every restaurant review page.


Restaurant Ratings for Cities Near You
GAYOT’s Annual Restaurant Awards

GAYOT’s rating systemworks as follows
Rating of 19/20Exceptional
Ratings of 17/20 & 18/20Excellent
Ratings of 15/20 & 16/20Very Good
Ratings of 13/20 & 14/20Good
Ratings of 10/20, 11/20 & 12/20Average
Rating of Quick BitesQuick Meal
No RatingNot rated because restaurant is new or undergoing changes