Foie Gras is Partially Back in California

By Sophie Gayot

July, 14th 2020

Foie gras has built up the reputation of being a French delicacy, so it was quite appropriate that Bastille Day 2020 brought good news for gastronomes: the sale of foie gras over the internet for California residents is now permitted.

Here is what you HAVE to understand:

– if you are a California resident you CAN order foie gras from out of state, which is the only way to acquire it since there is no more production in the Golden State, and have it shipped to you;
– restaurants and anybody within California are NOT permitted to sell it to anyone in any form whatsoever.

There is currently an appeal to reverse the unconstitutional ban that California cannot overrule a federal law or restrict the sale within the state.

This process will take some time, so you will NOT find it on restaurant menus yet. So, follow my recipe to prepare a terrine at home.