Afghan Palace Cuisine THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED Afghan Palace Cuisine


Sunrize Center
8685 Baseline Rd. (Carnelian St.)
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730
Cuisine: Afghan / Middle Eastern
Celebrating the diverse influences in Afghan cooking amid impressive murals that depict the country’s many invasions.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


THIS RESTAURANT IS CLOSED Afghan Palace Cuisine Restaurant Review:

Chef-owner Emil Hashiman shows off the food of his native Afghanistan, a cuisine influenced by all the cultures that have passed through the country over the centuries, in search of trade or conquest. If you like Middle Eastern cooking, you’ll fall for the kebabs here, meticulously treated with a yogurt-based marinade that seals in the juices while layering on exotic flavors. If Indian cuisine is a favorite of yours, Afghan Palace’s menu offers dishes closely related to samosas and pakoras, and if Chinese food is your passion, you’ll be pleased to discover dumplings with a strong Chinese influence, but bathed in an elegant yogurt sauce. The place is hard to spot, sitting far back in a dreary shopping center, but Hashiman makes everybody feel very welcome. You’ll be amazed at the frescoed walls that depict various invading armies passing through the Khyber Pass.