Asanebo Asanebo
11941 Ventura Blvd.
Studio City, CA 91604
Cuisine: Japanese / Sushi
Superior sushi and gracious service in Studio City.
Openings: Dinner nightly


Asanebo, Studio City, CA

Asanebo Restaurant Review:

Before the masses of L.A. sushi enthusiasts discovered this little mini-mall gem in Studio City, it might have been described as a Matsuhisa for the budget-conscious. While many giant sushi palaces have mushroomed all over the city, Asanebo still offers a warmly intimate experience with top-rate fish at good (but not quite as great) prices. The friendly chefs combine imagination with artistry to create one memorable morsel after another. If you don't want to sit at the bar, there are a number of linen-clad tables squeezed into the small but attractive dining room. Many cooked dishes are worth seeking out, such as deep-fried uni in shiso leaf; grilled Chilean sea bass with creamy pepper sauce; soft-shell crab (in season); and seared toro with garlic cream. Chopped premium sea eel, molded with rice and drizzled with a sweet anago sauce, reflects the sophisticated presentation, while a petite dish of barely al dente giant clam meat swimming in a broth redolent of sesame and chili oil may be a pleasant surprise. Velvety ankimo (monkfish liver) arrives in ponzu sauce, nearly transparent slices of sea bass sashimi are lightly dusted with sea salt, and a generous dollop of caviar tops elegant dishes of lobster cocktail or toro tartare. Quick to pamper its regulars but gracious to newcomers, Asanebo's chefs procure only the finest ingredients. If something is not perfect, they'll leave it at the fish market rather than compromise their standards. Desserts include green tea flan and homemade hot chocolate cake. If you feel like splurging, there’s Myouka-Rangyoku aged saké or Dom Perignon.