Apogee Dana Hotel & Spa Apogee

Apogee Awards

Swank rooftop lounge at Dana Hotel & Spa.
Openings: Open Thurs.-Sun.


Apogee, Chicago, IL

Apogee Restaurant Review:

River Northers head up to this rooftop lounge at Dana Hotel & Spa for large format cocktails from the team at The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group. The bar specializes in drinks for four to six guests. From the Panda Party (Blackstrap Rum, Cognac, lime, ginger and absinthe garnished with dehydrated citrus, pineapple leaves, orange powder, mint powder and sesame seeds) to the Surtur (Rye, a five-year-aged dark rum, Falernum, lime, grapefruit and Demerara syrup accented with Manhattan marshmallow), expect plenty of drama and flavor.

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