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Bubbalou's Bodacious B-B-Q Awards

Beef, chicken and pork 'cue available as a sandwich or piled on a platter.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Bubbalou's Bodacious B-B-Q, Orlando, FL

Bubbalou's Bodacious B-B-Q Restaurant Review:

There's nothing fancy here, but who wants cloth napkins at a barbecue joint? The menu offers several kinds of meats, including beef, chicken and pork, available as a sandwich, or piled on a platter. There’s also sausage, fried catfish and baby-back ribs. Fried goodies comprise the appetizer menu --- our favorites are the fried pickles and fried okra. The smoked buffalo wings are another good choice as a starter or a meal. Don't pass up the baked beans; they are clearly Bubbalou's best side dish. Beware of the super-hot sauce --- they call it killer sauce for a reason.

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