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RiNo hot-spot with standout pizzas, fresh oysters and Prosecco on tap.
Openings: Dinner nightly
Cart-Driver, Denver, CO

Cart-Driver Restaurant Review:

It's one of the smallest restaurants in Denver --- just 640 square feet and 25 seats --- but the menu is a successful repertoire of wood-fired pizzas, fresh oysters, charcuterie plates and more. The thin-crusted, Neapolitan-style, flame-stoked pizzas, beautifully charred and blistered, range from a New Haven white clam pie topped with fresh littlenecks and pancetta to a pizza bubbling with slivers of pear, ham, potatoes, Brussels sprouts and burrata. The oyster roster changes daily and it's worth the splurge; pair them with a flute of kegged Prosecco or a glass of La Liana Pinot Grigio. For dessert, there's but one choice: organic soft-serve gelato. It, like everything else here, is first-rate. And while this is a casual concept bereft of pomp and circumstance, the staff runs Cart-Driver with the same professionalism that you'd expect from a full-service restaurant.

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