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Veteran fleet of Mexican taco trucks are a highlight of the Mission District street food options.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner varies


  • Dress code: Casual
  • No Credit Cards
El Tonayense, San Francisco, CA

El Tonayense Restaurant Review:

Long before food trucks of all flavors started to proliferate, the fleet of taco trucks known as El Tonayense roamed the streets of San Francisco, and they will probably remain long after the current trend quiets down. Stop here for the Mexican classics most craved no matter the season: tacos and burritos. Unfortunately for the indecisive, the choices within those two categories are unexpectedly vast, with a spectrum that caters to the timid with pollo (chicken) at one end and the adventurous with lengua (beef tongue) at the other. El Tonayense has longevity for good reasons---food quality and affordability.

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