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Vin de Set Awards

Favorite French dishes with a rooftop view of downtown.
Openings: Dinner Wed.-Sun., Brunch Sun.


Vin de Set, St. Louis, MO

Vin de Set Restaurant Review:

If you’re willing to swap a view of the Eiffel Tower for the Arch, the prix-fixe lunch at Vin de Set is the next best thing to Parisian outdoor dining, especially when you choose a crêpe filled with roasted pork as your entrée. Favorites on the dinner menu include rich duck confit with cassoulet and a seafood-stuffed bouillabaisse. About half the wines are new-world, but never fear, there’s a nice Alsatian Riesling for the genuinely tasty tarte flambé and a Grenache rosé for the chicken Provençal pasta. The restaurant’s quirky name is a phonetic rendition of the street number 2017 in French; it makes more sense when you’re aware that its owners, Paul and Wendy Hamilton, are the same folks behind 1111 Mississippi just around the corner. In the evenings, reservations on the rooftop patio can be hard to come by, even with the addition of an all-weather enclosure housing part of the outdoor seating. Not that there’s anything wrong with the interior, with the brick walls and open beams typical in an urban rehab. It simply lacks the spectacular views of the Arch.

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