Backyard Barbeque and Catering Co Backyard Barbecue and Catering Company Backyard Barbeque & Catering Co. Backyard Barbeque & Catering Co.

Backyard Barbeque & Catering Co.

Cuisine: Barbecue
Family-friendly barbecue eatery offering such items as chili, beef brisket and brownies.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Tues.-Sun.


Backyard Barbeque & Catering Co. Restaurant Review:

This family-run operation indeed serves up family favorites on its limited menu, and the take-out barbecue (seating is very limited) provides an alternative to home-cooking. On offer: a grilled Jamaican salmon sandwich, chili with jalapeño cornbread and, on weekend days, half or whole racks of baby-back ribs. Other specials include a family pack of pulled pork with coleslaw and beans, mounds of mac ‘n’ cheese, and sliced beef brisket on rolls with potato salad and a “health” salad. Feeding guests or a large family? Ask about the take-out pork or brisket packs. Dessert? Brownies with M&Ms.

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