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Boma---Flavors of Africa

Cuisine: African
This all-you-can-eat restaurant features African-inspired fare, and cultural representatives from Africa to greet guests.
Openings: Breakfast & Dinner daily


Boma---Flavors of Africa Restaurant Review:

Boma is an African word meaning an open, natural space that provides a safe and sheltered area in the bush, and this 270-seat marketplace is a spacious (indoor) re-creation of the African namesake. Open for breakfast and dinner, Boma features an exhibition kitchen and bakery that allows guests to walk up to a half-dozen side-by-side cooking stations and have entrées freshly prepared. Curries and chutneys add good flavors to grilled fish, meats and vegetables. Soups, such as coconut curry seafood soup, chicken corn porridge and butternut squash soup are a highlight, as are an array of interesting salads, including a watermelon rind and Moroccan seafood salad. Entrées include wood-roasted meats, Durban-spiced chicken, and a lamb and beef quiche accompanied by braised greens, vegetable kofta (fritters) or fufu (mashed white and sweet potatoes with coriander and cinnamon). Breads, too, are African-inspired, including golden brown naan and light and flaky chapattis. Cultural representatives from Africa serve as hosts, greeting guests as they enter the thatched-roof eatery.

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