Cajun Kitchen Cafe Cajun Kitchen Cafe

Cajun Kitchen Cafe

901 Chapala St. (E. Canon Perdido St.)
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Cuisine: Breakfast / Cajun
A longtime favorite breakfast-house with Cajun influences, where the food and environs are homey and consistent.
Openings: Breakfast & Lunch daily
Cajun Kitchen Cafe, Santa Barbara, CA

Cajun Kitchen Cafe Restaurant Review:

Promoted as “Louisiana in Santa Barbara,” Cajun Kitchen Cafe is less about the Cajun and more about a hearty breakfast. The morning meal surpasses lunch with items like fresh beignets, fried okra, California eggs Benedict and Southern classics such as Creole jambalaya and crawfish etouffée. Load up on blueberry and wheat germ pancakes, or scrambled egg concoctions such as Lorraine’s special, with spicy Italian sausage, onions, zucchini and mozzarella. Most breakfasts cost less than $10, insuring a constant stream of locals. Service and ambience are reminiscent of innumerable American diners, institutions of familiarity where waitresses don’t have to ask what the customer will be having this morning. Other locations.

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