Einstein Brothers Bagels Einstein Bros Bagels

Einstein Bros Bagels

1500 Alton Rd.
Miami Beach, FL 33139
Cuisine: Bagels / Deli
Big and airy (almost fluffy) fresh-baked bagels, both plain and fancy, are the key items at this popular breakfast/lunch café.
Openings: Breakfast & Lunch daily


Einstein Bros Bagels Restaurant Review:

Bagel fans come in two types: hardcore traditionalists, for whom only NYC's hand-pulled chewy rings (in non-frou frou flavors) make the grade, and those who favor enormous, pillowy bagels---the sort this chain serves, in roughly 20 flavors ranging from what the menu calls "classic" (plain, yes; honey whole-wheat, no) to sun-dried tomato, blueberry and chocolate chip. Admittedly, the soft centers do make for more easily managed sandwiches, and these are what most hungrier patrons order. The best tack to take here is to throw tradition out the window; ignore the just okay lox sandwich and try a Veg Out, stuffed generously with pignolia spread, vegetable cream cheese, and fresh vegetables (tomatoes, cukes, onions and sprouts)---definitely a California, not New York, concept, but surprisingly satisfying.

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