Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant

Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant

6125 St. Clair Ave. (E. 61st St.)
Cleveland, OH 44103
Cuisine: Ethiopian
Empress Taytu offers Clevelanders a diverse cultural dining experience featuring Northern African fare.
Openings: Dinner Tues.-Sat.


Empress Taytu Ethiopian Restaurant Restaurant Review:

Guests are seated in thatched huts at low, basket-style messobs (tables) at this Ethiopian restaurant. No silverware is needed, as spongy injera bread --- used to sop up stew --- stands in place of forks and knives. (Don't worry, though: silverware is available upon request.) Menu highlights include sambusa, a crisp pastry triangle filled with either lentils or beef (we like the lentils); timatim fit-fit, which is a slightly spicy stew of tomatoes, jalapeño, lemon and awaze sauce; and dorowat chicken, marinated and stewed in berbere sauce with aromatics. Several combination platters are available and they are ideal for sampling a range of flavors in one sitting. Instead of dessert, which isn’t really part of the Ethiopian diet, opt for the enchanting, ceremonial Ethiopian coffee service.

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