Fairgrounds Fairground Fairgrounds
1330 W. Fulton Market
Chicago, IL 60607
Cuisine: Coffeehouse / Tea Room
Coffee and teahouse defines chic telecommuting in Fulton Market.
Openings: Breakfast & Lunch daily


Fairgrounds, Chicago, IL

Fairgrounds Restaurant Review:

About the restaurant & décor: Fairgrounds knows its audience. Whether it's the locals coming down from their condos upstairs or remote colleagues needing facetime, this café is well designed for gathering or working solo. Seating isn't an issue. Pull up a stool at the bar that accommodates 22, grab a swing (that's right, a swing) or settle in at one of the many tables in the main dining room. If you're planning to stay a while, the bar is your best bet; built-in outlets keep workers recharged.

Likes: With sofas, armchairs and bars for working solo or collaborating, it's a telecommuter’s home away from the office.
Dislikes: The café only validates the first 30 minutes of parking in the onsite garage.

Food & Drinks: Fairgrounds’ first café and bar concept brings imaginative offerings to fashionable Fulton Market, such as Vosges Charcoal Coconut Elixir, Power Flower Milk Tea and naan flatbreads and banh mi sandwiches. A grab-and-go refrigerator stocks yogurts, drinks and sandwiches, or diners can order specialty coffee or pastries – sprinkle doughnuts, banana muffins and the like – from the counter. Specialty roasters and a tea program with Rishi are showcased. Unlike the other locations, this outpost will serve booze, and yes, some will be infused with tea and coffee.

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