Four Jordan St. Amand FOUR
Healthy, low-cal eats for power lunch-seekers, served in an upscale setting.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Mon.-Fri.


FOUR Restaurant Review:

Located below the downtown financial office towers, this concept restaurant was designed as a healthy eating adventure, one that doesn't compromise on flavor. None of the menu items --- from small plates to mains and desserts --- have more than 650 calories. What's more, chef Jordan St. Amand creates meals with an abundance of antioxidants, all with a keen eye toward Mediterranean, Mexican and Asian cuisines. Check out the miso romaine salad, Thai roasted chicken breast with shrimp dumplings, and the smoked flat-iron steak with tomatillo and roasted pepper salsa. Cooked dishes are either steamed, grilled or broiled but never deep-fried. Spaghetti comes with lean chicken meatballs and black olives, while grilled Atlantic salmon arrives on a bed of quinoa tabbouleh. Not surprisingly, desserts are sample-size, but they do the trick when you need a sugar fix. The dozen-plus wines on offer are all organic, biodynamic or sustainably farmed. Count on vegetarian and gluten-free dishes, too.

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