Izakaya Tairyo Izakaya Tairyo

Izakaya Tairyo

514 Piikoi St. (Kapiolani Ave.)
Honolulu, HI 96814
Cuisine: Japanese / Izakaya
Japanese pub meets theme restaurant in this lively spot close to the Ala Moana Shopping Center.
Openings: Dinner nightly


Izakaya Tairyo Restaurant Review:

You can't miss Izakaya Tairyo---just look for the giant red koi fish painted on the electric blue exterior wall and awning. This will prepare you for the bright interior which literally looks like every prop from Pirates of the Caribbean washed ashore inside a Japanese market. There’s none of the usual izakaya dark, smoky, minimal moodiness here. The menu is seafood-focused as one would expect. We recommend the Fisherman's Bowl which is their riff on the traditional Japanese ochazuke; a bowl of rice with salmon roe, green onions and poached egg over which you pour tea broth. Not your usual ochazuke but a good choice for a satisfying yet light meal. As at all good seafood places, look for what is fresh that day. For the non-fish eaters, there are several choices with one of the tastiest being grilled pork short ribs with a light miso glaze. The restaurant also serves dessert which is not typical of an izakaya, but then, there is really nothing typical about Izakaya Tairyo. The place gets busy so reservations are recommended. Parking is a challenge.

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