Kam Po Hong Kong Kitchen Kam Po Hong Kong Kitchen

Kam Po Hong Kong Kitchen

801 Broadway (Powell St.)
San Francisco, CA 94133
Cuisine: Chinese / Barbecue
Chinese deli for take-out or no-frills sit-down service.
Openings: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily


Kam Po Hong Kong Kitchen Restaurant Review:

Kam Po is a Chinese deli with tables. Its main feature is the hanging sides of crispy roast pork, roast soy sauce- and salt-baked chickens, and luscious roast ducks. The take-out is very good, especially the roast pork, poultry and the stir-fries. If you eat here, expect almost no English. As for ambience, this place is as bare-bones as they get, but cheap and good. Having a party? Order a whole pig and a few stir-fries and feed 50 for $3 a head. Be aware that this store-café closes at 8 p.m.