Kulu Kulu Kulu Kulu
76 Brewer St.
London, W1F 9TU
020-7734 7316
Cuisine: Sushi
Grab a quick sushi meal from the dishes passing on the conveyor belt.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Mon.-Sat.


Kulu Kulu Restaurant Review:

Not East meeting West, but old Japan encountering modern in this kaiten establishment---conveyor-belt sushi bar. The sushi and sashimi is prepared behind the counter or in the kitchen in the back and the visible human element means that even if it is not on the conveyor you can ask for something special. A meal costs around £15. Also at 51-53 Shelton St., WC2, 020-7240 5687; 39 Thurloe Pl., SW7, 020-7589 2225.

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