Buena Tierra Polanco La Buena Tierra Polanco

La Buena Tierra Polanco

Plaza Masaryk
Calle Anatole France, 120 (Av. Presidente Masaryk)
Mexico City, mexico 11560
5281 2259
Neither vegetarians nor carnivores will leave hungry.
Openings: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner daily

La Buena Tierra Polanco Restaurant Review:

Part of a local chain, La Buena Tierra attracts what passes in Mexico City for the health-food crowd: the young and prosperous; vegetarians of all stripes; trim, smoothie-sipping soccer moms with their children. The enormous menu features everything from hot and cold appetizers, soups and sandwiches to “healthy” tacos, lighter presentations of fish and chicken, pastas and even a selection of soy, chicken and tuna “hamburgers.” And while nothing at LBT could be called exquisite, everything is fresh and made-to-order, and a welcome change after too much fried or creamed traditional fare. The variety of salads on offer is probably the city’s most extensive, including a good classic Caesar, and a practically guilt-free spinach salad, the “Popeye,” with turkey bacon, nuts and a honey-mustard dressing. Looking for something heartier? The lasagna is filling and rich, with at least four pasta layers and plenty of cheese and cream, plus tasty ground turkey. The Plato Árabe nibbler plate, with hummus, tabbouleh, tahini and other Levantine delights, is always a crowd-pleaser. Service is smiley and attentive even if the atmosphere seems more food-court casual than ashram enlightened.