Magal BBQ Magal BBQ

Magal BBQ

3460 W. 8th St. (S. Serrano Ave.)
Los Angeles, CA 90005
Cuisine: Korean / Barbecue
At Magal BBQ, it's the little things that make you want to go back.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


  • Dress code: Casual
Magal BBQ, Los Angeles, CA

Magal BBQ Restaurant Review:

Magal BBQ boasts more than 500 restaurants worldwide, including branches in Korea, China, New York and L.A.'s Koreatown. The chain lays claim to a specialty in pork and is particularly known for Mapo Galmaegi (also the official restaurant name). That's not to say the beef menu, with items like the marinated short prime rib and beef tartare, isn't worth trying. You just don't want to miss out on the densely flavored Mapo Galmaegi, a tender pork skirt cut with an uncanny resemblance to beef in color, texture and flavor. An array of banchan side dishes are laid out at the start of the meal. Honorable mentions go to the kimchi mookbap, a chilled acorn jelly soup not typically served at Korean barbecue restaurants, and the salad dressing (yes, dressing) made from black sesame. As at many other KBBQ establishments that have opened recently, the grill has separate compartments for steamed egg and corn cheese. A novelty, however, is the mesh rack compartment that allows you to set aside your cooked meat and keep it warm. Servers dressed in uniforms of Hawaiian shirts and straw hats flit in and out, flipping your meat and blowtorching your boneless rib sushi (if you happen to order one of the combos). Magal BBQ is also unique in that it offers dessert: shave ice with mung bean powder and red beans.