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2576 Aurora Ave. N. (6th Ave. N.)
Seattle, WA 98109
A setting and service designed to stun paired with a feast of local and luxury flavors.
Openings: Dinner Tues.-Sat.


Canlis, Seattle, WA

Canlis Restaurant Review:

About the restaurant & décor: Everything at Canlis sets the stage for a show: the hillside setting looks out over Lake Union and its Frank Lloyd Wright-meets-the-Pacific Northwest feel increases with floor-to-ceiling windows. Dark colors, comfortable chairs, and pristine white tablecloths welcome diners --- and so, too, does the third generation of family ownership.

About the wine: Its professional service and world-class wine cellar set Canlis apart, starting with the five sommeliers who can help you order a bottle of saké or a $3,000-plus bottle of wine --- diners tend to need assistance in choosing from the 18,000 bottles.

Likes: Exciting and lengthy wine list; a good mix of familiar classic dishes and interesting explorations of cooking technique; stunning view.
Dislikes: Focus on dining experience over execution of dishes; underwhelming or lackluster flavors.

About the food: The dinner menu gives three options for each of the three courses ($165), which change seasonally. Chef Aisha Ibrahim mixes local and luxury ingredients with a world of culinary inspiration, as in the Japanese Tsuyahime rice with sea bream, turnip and matsutake. Stilton cheese with port-glazed pear and black walnut bread is available. Desserts include smoked cacao with nougatine and milk ice cream. Extend your evening by enjoying brandy in the bar while listening to jazz or show tunes played on the house Steinway. No matter when you leave, your car will magically be waiting.

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