Cesar Cesar

Cesar Menu

1515 Shattuck Ave. (Vine St.)
Berkeley, CA 94709
Cuisine: Spanish / Tapas / Small Plates
Ciders, wines, sherries, Cognacs and martinis pair up with small plates at this Gourmet Ghetto tapas bar.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Cesar Restaurant Review:

A gregarious adult crowd packs this Gourmet Ghetto tapas bar, filling up the sand-colored room and spilling out onto the sidewalk patio. The afternoon sun that enters in through the French doors creates a sparkle on the blue mosaic accents. Since the restaurant doesn't take reservations, expect to spend some time at the bar perusing the drink list that hovers at around 15 pages. Traditional ciders, endless wine choices, sherries and Cognacs may slyly deter you from the refreshing César martini made with vodka and pastis. Small plates such as grilled asparagus with smoked salmon and caper-lemon sauce or salt cod and potato cazuela made in the open kitchen allow for a light dinner but are not constructed to satisfy like a feast.