Chao Phra Ya Chao Pra Ya Chao Phra Ya

Chao Phra Ya Menu

2465 J-1 Centreville Rd. (Foxmill Dr.)
Herndon, VA 20171
Cuisine: Thai
The combo sampler will acquaint you with many Thai flavors.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Chao Phra Ya Restaurant Review:

Named for the river that flows through Bangkok, this small but elegant suburban Thai restaurant fits right into the mainstream. It’s sleek and modern, with its Thai ambience coming not from Thai trinkets but from the swirling water patterns on the tables and walls. Popular at lunch --- dinners are less crowded --- Chao Phra Ya offers the standard Thai menu, but the dishes are cooked with panache. Start with the combo sampler, a bargain method to taste the satay, spring rolls, shrimp balls, fried tofu and stuffed chicken wings. Then if you like to breathe fire, order the wild pork, a stir-fry of pork with red curry paste, green peppercorns and chilies. We also recommend the crispy duck with basil and the above-average pad thai. The kitchen will make up specials for you, too --- we asked for stir-fried tofu and bean sprouts, something to cool the palate after the wild chilies.

Chef Gabriel Kreuther

Congratulations to chef Gabriel Kreuther! He just earned GAYOT's highest rating. Read GAYOT's article.