El Pinto El Pinto

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Cuisine: New Mexican / Tex-Mex
This sprawling institution serves as a safe starting point for introducing chile-shy newbies to New Mexican fare.
Openings: Lunch Mon.-Sat., Dinner nightly, Brunch Sun.


El Pinto Restaurant Review:

This decades-old, family-owned restaurant that locals once proudly touted has grown in size, and jars of salsa bearing its name are in every grocery store in the state. But while El Pinto is now run with corporation-like efficiency --- meaning the kitchen often operates by rote --- the bar still serves some of the best margaritas in town, and the lunch buffet boasts a folded taco bar and tamale pie (which is otherwise off-menu). Sunday brunch also makes for a refreshing change of pace, offering American classics with local twists, like eggs Benedict on a green chile biscuit with red chile hollandaise. The North Valley setting is still special, especially if you score a spot come sunset in the sprawling walled garden, a lovely living room where roses compete for attention with the vast menu of old standbys: quesadillas and nachos, burritos and enchiladas, steaks and burgers. You’ve had it all before --- only better --- so graze lightly in anticipation of more interesting desserts, including fruit empanadas and biscochitos prepared tiramisu-style.

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