Gino Gino's

Gino's Menu

8051 SE 13th Ave. (Spokane St.)
Portland, OR 97202
Cuisine: Italian
Family-style Italian-American dining in a historic Sellwood building.
Openings: Dinner nightly
Gino's, Portland, OR

Gino's Restaurant Review:

Gino's family-style service option, expansive tables and relaxed, lively atmosphere make it an ideal gathering place for larger groups. The kitchen uses local meats, seafood and produce whenever possible. Best bets are simple dishes benefitting from quality ingredients and robust flavors. Examples are the Caesar salad, which will leave you breathing garlic for days, and seafood such as steamed clams, mussels or the classic cioppino. Other options include homemade ravioli and Gino's signature dish: Grandma Jean's pasta, a peasant-like stew of beef, pork ribs and tomatoes ladled generously over a mound of penne. Vegetarians will enjoy a daily special. For dessert, get out a spoon for tiramisu, cheesecake or butterscotch-chocolate pudding. Enhance your meal with a selection from the more than 500 Italian wines or a cocktail from the full bar.

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