Hunan Palace Hunan Palace

Hunan Palace Menu

9011 Gaither Rd. (Shady Grove Rd.)
Gaithersburg, MD 20877
Cuisine: Chinese
Many delicious Taiwanese and Chinese dishes tempt both adventurous and cautious palates
Open Lunch & Dinner daily


Hunan Palace Restaurant Review:

Housed in an ample space with few frills, this popular Chinese eatery has a Taiwanese foundation and many Taiwanese dishes. But it also considers the diners who come for the more familiar General Tso’s chicken, sweet ’n’ sour spareribs or orange beef. For something a little more adventurous, consider the Yellow Birds, an ingenuous wrap of dried bean curd skin enclosing shredded vegetables or the ma po tofu. For a culinary challenge, you can order from the Chinese menu, which offers choices such as cuttlefish with garlic, pig’s kidney with soy sauce, pork with fermented cabbage, leek with duck red soup and sea cucumber with pig tendon.

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