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Jestine's Kitchen Menu

251 Meeting St. (Wentworth St.)
Charleston, SC 29401
Cuisine: Southern
A line of tourists filing out the door tells the tale of just-okay food.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Tues.-Sun.


Jestine's Kitchen Restaurant Review:

Fried green tomatoes, Coca-Cola cake, sweet tea, and plenty of grits hold down the menu at Jestine's Kitchen, a spot for those in search of the deepest-accented Southern food they can find downtown. The appealing menu of fried chicken and fish, black-eyed peas, greens, red rice, and lima beans can make your "eyes bigger than your stomach," but often the food that hits the plate doesn't deliver on the high hopes set by the truly tasty homemade pickles that start each meal. General blandness is the most frequent problem, and all the hot sauce in the world can't quite fix the under-seasoned vegetables. Beer and wine are served.

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