La Super Rica Taqueria La Super-Rica Taqueria

La Super-Rica Taqueria Menu

622 N. Milpas St. (Alphonse St.)
Santa Barbara, CA 93101
Cuisine: Mexican / Taqueria
A humble Mexican restaurant, housed in a tin roof shack, with a first-rate reputation.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner Thurs.-Tues.


La Super-Rica Taqueria, Santa Barbara, CA

La Super-Rica Taqueria Restaurant Review:

Who would believe that a humble shack on Milpas Street would house one of Santa Barbara’s most celebrated restaurants? (Even Julia Child loved it.) To be sure, La Super-Rica is a funky little place, with a flapping tarp for a roof and a parking lot the size of a stamp. Still, you’ll find everyone from A-list Hollywood celebs to local college students here, sitting on plastic chairs and eating off paper plates. But this isn’t a rice-and-beans burrito joint; in fact, there are no burritos. The tacos are small and served simply, as they would be in the homeland: seasoned meat piled atop freshly made corn tortillas. The key to a consummate dining experience at La Super-Rica is to drop all preconceptions about Mexican food before ordering. Forget about tortilla chips; instead, think chorizo and cheese.

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