Sarika Thai Restaurant Sarika's Thai Restaurant

Sarika's Thai Restaurant Menu

4319 Medical Dr. (Fredricksburg Rd.)
San Antonio, TX 78229
Cuisine: Thai
Sarika herself moved to a different location in Boerne; she’s missed at the now-not-the-same San Antonio store.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Sarika's Thai Restaurant Restaurant Review:

Sarika's is a staple of the Medical Center---in part, we suspect, due to the healthy qualities of much Thai cuisine. But competition among Thai restaurants has increased to the point that it’s no longer enough to be adequate, dishes in point being a wan pad woon sen with glass noodles, and a yawnsome stir-fry of chicken with bell peppers and tomatoes. Colorful summer rolls fall squarely into the good-for-you camp, but they have come to be bland with most interest derived from peanut sauce. Salads such as Tiger Cry and squid with onions and tomatoes may still keep the light-but-lusty theme alive, but as with the pricey deep-fried whole flounder in chili sauce, make sure you request the sauce truly spicy. A good fare-thee-well would be the sticky rice with an indulgent scoop of Thai coconut ice cream. The décor remains pleasant, we note, but service can be spotty.

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