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Sichuan Cuisine Menu

2347 NW Military Hwy. (Braesview Dr.)
San Antonio, TX 78231
Cuisine: Chinese
Sichuan Cuisine comes to town from Houston bearing bowls and plates to challenge local perceptions and palates.
Open Lunch & Dinner daily


Sichuan Cuisine Restaurant Review:

At first glance, there is no reason to imagine Sichuan Cuisine to be any better or worse than the usual, strip-center product. And to be honest, the lunch specials read like any other kung pao palace in town. But a more careful perusal of the full menu reveals why this is a chef’s-night-off favorite: savory dan dan noodles, sliced pig ear in hot chili oil, perfumed Sichuan pickle, a house-special hot pot, smoked pork with garlic leek --- and these are not just novelties; the kitchen is proud of them, and well they should be. The cold pig ear, for example, is translucent, only slightly crunchy, and just spicy enough. Chengdu-style dumplings, fragrant with five-spice, boast nuggets of pork in silken wrappers. Sichuan tea-smoked duck is delicate, the texture tender. Stir-fry lamb with “spicy sauce” and toasty cumin tastes like a dish straight off the steppes, its fire quenched by crunchy iceberg. The décor may be uninspired, but the food soars with flights of fancy.

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