Ngon Vietnamese Bistro Hai Truong Ngon Vietnamese Bistro

Ngon Vietnamese Bistro

799 University Ave. (Avon St.)
St. Paul, MN 55104
Cuisine: Vietnamese
This casual, French colonial-looking spot is a must for Vietnamese food fans.
Openings: Dinner Thurs.-Sun.


Ngon Vietnamese Bistro, St. Paul, MN

Ngon Vietnamese Bistro Restaurant Review:

Hai Truong has converted his family's longtime Caravelle restaurant into Ngon. Pronounced "nong," it's Vietnamese for “delicious.” It's a fitting name, because Truong does notable things with premium, Minnesota-raised ingredients (chicken, beef, duck, pork). Don't miss the house-made wild boar sausage, the braised pork belly, the pho, the crispy rabbit dumplings, the rib-eye finished with a lemon grass demi-glace or the rice noodle salad tossed with braised oxtail. The chic French colonial setting (designed by Truong's spouse, Jessica) is another plus.

Chef Gabriel Kreuther

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