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Bertucci's Menu

Known for its open brick-oven kitchen, Bertucci's is a family favorite for pizzas, pastas and Italian specialties.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily


Bertucci's Restaurant Review:

Over the years, Bertucci's has expanded from its New England origins to take root all along the Eastern Seaboard. What's the secret of its rapid success? It might be the fact that each restaurant possesses the ambience of a popular little neighborhood eatery. Or it might be the broadly appealing menu, which features not only the brand specialty --- wood-fired pizzas both classic and inventive --- but also plenty of pasta, grilled meats and even a number of seasonal items, all served with warm rolls and olive oil. Ask for a ball of pizza dough to keep the kids entertained, and consider dining family-style, so you can share dishes like roasted Tuscan vegetables, chicken scampi and a meatball-stuffed calzone.

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