South End Formaggio South End Formaggio

South End Formaggio

268 Shawmut Ave. (Waltham St.)
Boston, MA 02118
Cuisine: Deli / Salads / Sandwiches
Patrons come early for breakfast sandwiches, return for tasty midday fare, then order up take-home dishes by the pound at night.
Openings: Breakfast Mon.-Sat., Lunch & Dinner daily

South End Formaggio Restaurant Review:

South End Formaggio was supposed to be a satellite location of Cambridge’s Formaggio Kitchen. But owner Valerie Gurdal (wife of FK’s Ihsan) has given this small-ish storefront a flair and flavor all its own. Patrons come early for quick, hearty breakfast sandwiches. They often return for fresh tossed salads that find equal inspiration in the Loire, the Greek Isles, New England and Liguria, among other places; and cookies and brownies that are bakery-worthy. Sandwiches on artisan breads are taken to a higher level with ingredients like goat cheese, fig, caramelized onions and chipotle mayonnaise (hint: if you want a pressed sandwich, don’t lunch late). Seasonal dishes include chicken potpies, cheese gougères, apple cider-glazed salmon, roasted eggplant, mini meatloaves and creamy mac ‘n’ cheese. Don't leave without taking some spices, cheese, wine, freshly baked breads, charcuterie or gift baskets home with you from the neighboring store. There’s no unnecessary fat in the selection of goods. Every Keen’s Cheddar, Berkshire Blue and Garrotxa counts. Ditto the selection of wine vinegars, hazelnut oil, fleur de sel and such. South End Formaggio hosts a variety of tastings (think wine, microbrew, aged cheese and cider), so check the calendar for schedules.

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