Sushi Blues Cafe Glenwood Center Sushi Blues Cafe

Sushi Blues Cafe

Glenwood Center
301 Glenwood Ave. (W. Lane St.)
Raleigh, NC 27603
Cuisine: Japanese / Sushi / Vegetarian
Martinis and sushi rolls named for blues musicians are the cafe's connection to the genre.
Openings: Lunch & Dinner daily

Sushi Blues Cafe Restaurant Review:

Neon lights and classic jazz may lure diners in, but it's the well-prepared Japanese food that keeps them coming back. Expect udon noodle soups; shrimp or pork dumplings; delicately battered tempuras; and fresh sushi and sashimi combination plates, whimsically named after jazz era greats: “Louis and Ella’s Unforgettable Duet,” designed to serve two persons, or “Ellington’s Jam Session,” which nourishes a trio. Asterisks mark dishes that are low-carb, and there are lots of vegetarian options in all categories. Sundry ice creams and cheesecake comprise dessert, all presented with coffee. The wine list is limited, but has some offerings that are sushi-friendly. Perhaps have a cocktail instead. Try the “Lena Horne,” the “Diana Krall” or Sushi Blues’ version of Long Island iced tea, “The Rat Pack.”