Uncle Tommy Lee Uncle
2215 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver, CO 80211
Cuisine: Asian / Japanese / Noodles
Steaming bowls of ramen are the main attraction at this popular LoHi noodle shop.
Openings: Dinner Mon.-Sat.


Uncle Restaurant Review:

Largely indicative of David Chang’s Momofuku Noodle Bar in New York City, Uncle, chef-owner Tommy Lee's perpetually lively, no-reservations noodle bar in LoHi, is Denver's definitive answer to ramen. The long and narrow dining room --- a backdrop of blond wood --- is minute, and if there's one constant frustration, it's that there's no place within the tight quarters to hover (most people head next door to Highland Tap & Burger to occupy the time). Still, the waits --- even with reservations --- are worth it, especially if you yearn for long-simmered bowls of steaming broth brimming with slippery, bouncy noodles. But before you get to those, start with the pork belly steamed buns paired with hoison sauce, or the Brussels sprouts pelted with peanuts and served with nuoc cham, a sweet, salty and sour dipping sauce. And then move on to the ramen, in particular, the kimchi and shredded pork in a soy broth floating a wiggly, jiggly egg that spills streams of bright yolk. Service can be absent --- somewhat akin to hailing a cab on New Year's Eve --- but there are no missteps in the food or in the engaging wine, beer and cocktail list that's tiny but mighty.

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