Business Travel Guide

The best hotels, restaurants and activities for Beijing business travelers.

Nowhere in the world do the words "booming" and "economy" go together more fittingly than in Beijing. The city is in a furious bid to be the biggest, tallest, fastest and most modern metropolis in the world. This brings with it a myriad of business opportunities. You can find almost every multi-national here and a slew of wholly-owned foreign enterprises opening daily. While Shanghai may be the country's commercial capital, Beijing is doing its best to wrestle away the crown.

Every form of business — as long as it brings money, new technology or ideas — is in demand. Architecture, real estate, tech companies and marketing firms are making it big, but there is also a hunger for designers and artists; even Michelin-star chefs are sniffing out the Beijing kitchens. China is still a tricky place to do business — a murky legal system and cultural differences can rock the boat from time to time — but with the city bathed in an atmosphere of optimism, it's getting easier to negotiate a path through the maze.

So, before you head jet off to your business trip in Beijing, China, have a look at GAYOT's travel guide for recommendations on the best accommodations, restaurants and attractions.