Business Travel Guide

The best hotels and activities for Seoul business travelers.

Modern, wired and dedicated to business and culture, Seoul is the capital of South Korea, a go-ahead IT giant with ambitions to outperform its better-known regional rivals, Japan and China. Seoul-based companies produce everything from ships and cars to electronic goods and semiconductors, and the city aims to become a North Asian hub of finance, logistics and conference tourism. This safe but relatively unknown capital is a high-energy marvel that transforms itself every decade with new buildings, new parks and even new streams appearing out of nowhere. Its more than 10 million restless, fast-paced residents ensure that the entertainment and shopping districts are thronged with people all day — and all night too.

It's easy to mix business with pleasure as the downtown area includes Insadong, an artsy area packed with art galleries, embroidery shops, quaint tea shops and rustic restaurants serving up Korean-style feasts. Also downtown are six traditional palaces in varying degrees of restoration. Nearby, the fashionable Myeong-dong neighborhood is famous for its department stores and brand-name shops. South of the Han River are the financial, IT and conference centers of Yeouido, Gangnam and COEX, with classy restaurants and shops, particularly in the Apgujeong neighborhood.