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The best hotels, restaurants and activities for Bangkok business travelers.

With successful efforts toward curbing pollution and decreasing traffic congestion through means of public transportation, Bangkok is one of Asia's most popular business destinations. Home to The Stock Exchange of Thailand, with more than 400 listed companies, its industries include technology, electronics, garments, gems and project management. The country's financial institutions are headquartered here; there's a powerful publishing, advertising and marketing presence; and tourism is among the largest income generators.

Considering the now legendary 1997 financial crisis, tragic 2004 tsunami and innovative but highly disruptive take on political protest, Thailand's endurance is impressive. It helps that the government encourages investment and usually puts its money where its mouth is. When business visitors aren't converging in air-conditioned offices, they're taking full advantage of after-hours pursuits, which range from fine dining and non-stop bar hopping, to spa pampering sessions, meditation and golf at one of the dozens of courses around the capital.

If you're traveling to Bangkok for work, read GAYOT's business travel guide to get our recommendations for the best hotels, restaurants, spas and attractions in the city.

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