Initially established as an airplane engine manufacturing company in 1916, Bavarian Motor Works didn't begin to focus on producing high-performance motorcycles and automobiles until after the First World War. While the blue-and-white-checked badge remains as a reminder of the brand's aeronautical origins (the blue and white representing the sky and an airplane propeller, respectively), today, BMW is known for its fleet of finely-tuned cars and SUVs, which includes the flagship 7-series sedans and the ultra-stylish Z sports coupes. Consult our reviews listed below for updated information and opinions on BMW's ever-growing line of luxury vehicles. 

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2017 BMW i3

An all-electric vehicle that delivers comfort and high speed. 

2017 BMW M550i xDrive

A faster, redesigned 4-door sports car.

2017 BMW M240i

A turbocharged coupe for those who have a need for speed.

2016 BMW X5 xDrive40e

A luxurious plug-in hybrid SUV.

2016 BMW X4 M40i

A 4-door coupe-sized Beemer with a turbo engine. 

2015 BMW i8

High-end hybrid sports tourer.

2015 BMW i3

The electric cubist car of the future, compact with a hatchback.

2015 BMW X4

Squished SUV or lifted sports coupe?

2015 BMW Alpina B6

Factory customized four-door luxury grand tourer.

2015 BMW 228i

Premium compact sporty coupe.