4VOO uber TECH under eye complex – Review

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uber TECH under eye super-firm complex

uber TECH under eye
super-firm complex


A Powerful Wrinkle-Reducing Male Skin Cream

Well-groomed men about town will appreciate this potent under eye cream from 4VOO. Developed around men’s specific skincare needs, their uber TECH under eye super-firm complex contains powerful synthetic peptides designed to fight the ravaging effects of testosterone, which can surprisingly wreak havoc on skin.

Testosterone results in a higher loss of transepidermal water, which means male skin is more likely to be tough and dried out. Other ingredients include natural plant extracts and vitamins A, C, E and F, which improve circulation and aid in wrinkle reduction.

Upon application, the cream produces a slightly odd “tightening” sensation – don’t worry, that just means it’s working! We saw a visible reduction in puffiness, bags and under eye circles in a matter of minutes.

Price: $110 for a 15-ml. bottle

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Reviewed by Julia Mason

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