Amabito no Moshio Sea Salt — Review

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Amabito no Moshio

Amabito no Moshio Sea Salt

Mineral-Rich Gourmet Sea Salt In business since 1926, Mutual Trading Co. imports an extensive range of Japanese beverages and specialty food items into the U.S. We sampled their artisanal sea salt, Amabito no Moshio, which is made by the Kamagari Bussan Company on the tiny island of Kami-Kamagari in Western Japan. Despite its island status, humid Japan was never suited to the large-scale production of dry salt. Instead, the Japanese became adept at producing salt-ash from seaweed, known as Moshio. The salt is made by drying seaweed on the beach, rinsing it in a saltwater pool, and boiling the brine in a clay pot over a wood fire. The best-quality Japanese sea salt on the market, Amabito no Moshio is made with pristine salt water and hondawara seaweed, which gives it its signature light beige color. Due to large amounts of calcium, potassium and magnesium, it has a well-rounded, rich flavor that pairs well with tempura, sushi and sashimi. For more information visit the official Mutual Trading Company website. Related Content: Gourmet Foods Japanese Food Terms Additional Resources: Visit Japan: The Culinary Delights of Japan Shop for Japanese sea salt on