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We’ve always loved the earthiness and healing powers of clay. Our latest discovery is Clayspray, sourced from a mine in the mountains of the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. This spray-on product is rich in therapeutic minerals (such as calcium, potassium, silica, iron and magnesium), and it will cleanse, hydrate and firm as well as exfoliate, nurture the skin’s delicate flora, boost cell rejuvenation and fight free radicals.

Clayspray goes on easily and dries into a thin mask. It washes off surprisingly easily as well, leaving skin looking radiant and fresh. This is because the clay has been turned into a luxe emulsion with the help of macromolecular hydrogels, which enhance the natural effects of the rare clay in many ways. So rather then the muddy thickness of clay, you get a creamy salve!

Price: $60 for a 125-ml. bottle

Reviewed by  Sylvie Greil

For more information visit the official Clayspray website

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