Formaggi, Salumi or Pasta?

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[youtube id=”ryCeGy16TYI”] by Sophie Gayot  
Most of the time, when you find a retail section in a restaurant, it has been added so you can bring home some of the products you’ve had while dining. In the case of Cube restaurant on LaBrea avenue in Los Angeles, also known as Cube Market Place, it’s the other way around. From a retail store, first for pasta from The Divine Pasta Company, then imported cheeses and charcuterie, wines and olive oils, it has became a full restaurant with a chef.
I was lucky to get into the kitchen with chef Erin Eastland, and watch her partially prepare the wild Alaskan halibut on creamy spring corn and fava beans succotash which I enjoyed. Unlike many people in this town, she was reluctant to go on-camera. But as you can see, the shy chef came across very well in our exclusive behind-the-scenes video.
How was her pasta? Just read my review of Cube to find out.
You can click on each photo to enlarge. All photos by Sophie Gayot.
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