Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining — Review

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Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining

Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining is a winning mix of Martha Stewart and The Paleo Diet

A winning mix of Martha Stewart and The Paleo Diet, Gather: The Art of Paleo Entertaining is more than another diet book about eating like cavemen. Designed as a Paleo lifestyle guide, Gather is a cooking manual for festive occasions and family gatherings. In other words, this is diet food that is not supposed to taste like diet food. The glossy, illustrated pages are filled with elegant recipes such as “smoked elk loin with wild pear” and “apple scented venison roast.” There are also plenty of weekday-friendly recipes for more relaxed occasions. Comfort food staples like “General Tso’s chicken” — normally a mess of deep fried cornstarch — are re-imagined with the help of coconut aminos and arrowroot flower. The book also has plenty of desserts made with almond and coconut flour and naturally sweetened with honey, maple syrup, or dates such as crème brûlée, checkerboard cake and blackberry crumble with homemade vanilla bean ice cream. All of the dishes sound pleasing enough to the palate that you won’t miss the real gluten-rich thing. This beautiful how-to has planning, shopping and decoration tips to help you pull everything off without a hitch.  It’s the furthest thing from hunting boar and gathering seeds you could imagine. Related Content: The Paleo Diet Cookbook Top 10 Cookbooks