Harman / Kardon Esquire Portable Speaker Works as Bluetooth Conference System

Harman Esquire Top View
The Esquire’s design looks good next to an iPhone.

Harman / Kardon Esquire brings bluetooth conferencing to the portable sound doc world

Encased in classy aluminum and leather, Harman / Kardon’s Esquire portable speaker will be a boon for business travelers, as it doubles as a bluetooth conference system. The Esquire features noise-cancelling internal mics, dual drivers and a bass port for clear sound. It’s compatible with both bluetooth and NFC (near-field communications) technology, making it a great choice for clear conference calls while traveling.

Complementing Harman Kardon’s usual clean, minimal design, the Esquire features a basic set of physical buttons. An aesthetically pleasing piece, the Esquire received a 2013 Red Dot design award. With a solid build and high quality materials, the Esquire remains compact enough to fit in your hand, relatively lightweight and easy to carry. Battery life is rated at 10 hours — great for travelers not wanting to be tethered to a plug, or for bringing crisp, clear sound to a wilderness excursion. Overall, this portable speaker looks and feels as good as it sounds, and it adds a useful new layer of functionality to the wireless sound doc standard. The Esquire ships with a handsome travel pouch, a USB-cable and a 3-port USB adapter.

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2 thoughts on “Harman / Kardon Esquire Portable Speaker Works as Bluetooth Conference System”

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  2. I love the look and style of this unit. A very useful tool for any traveler and/or business person. Just yesterday I purchased a HMDX Bluetooth portable speaker for a great price. I don’t think that it can be used as a conference system, however…bummer!

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