Peru in Marina del Rey, CA: A Great Trip

By admin
[youtube id=”ghBd6HhMRWU”] by Sophie Gayot Recently, a gourmet friend of mine asked me to recommend a restaurant in Marina del Rey, which is on the water just outside of Los Angeles and where surprisingly there are not too many good options. Since I dine at so many restaurants, I rarely steer friends to places I haven’t been to myself. But having enjoyed Ricardo Zarate‘s cooking at Picca as well as Mo-Chica, I suggested she try his new restaurant Paiche even though I had yet to visit. She called me from her car when she arrived and said, “Sophie, you’ve sent me to a Peruvian restaurant.” Her tone of voice was clear, it meant “Really, a Peruvian restaurant, are you sure?” I replied, “Trust me.” At the end of the meal, I joined her. She barely said hello to me; she, and her guests, were ecstatic and raving about the food! I was saved; my suggestion had been more than well-received. Since then, I, too, have eaten at Paiche, and I can understand their excitement. If you have not been there yet, discover the restaurant with my exclusive video interview with Zarate above. You will have no doubt that my meal there pleased me very much. You can click on each photo to enlarge. Photos © Sophie Gayot Paiche on Urbanspoon