Tattle Tea Wine Infusion Kit – Review

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Pinot Grigio infused with Tattle Tea's Love Struck Rooibos

Pinot Grigio infused with Tattle Tea’s Love Struck Rooibos

Wining about tea In previous centuries, wine was often served spiced with ingredients like honey, cinnamon and cloves. Nowadays, the practice is much less common, apart from mulled wine during the winter holidays or jugs of sangria served at tapas bars. Yet, the possibilities for enhancing wine are endless. Tattle Tea has created a simple Tea & Wine Infusion Kit that makes it easy to add a little flavor to your favorite wine. To get you started, the kit includes a jug with a filtering lid/spout and three sachets of Love Struck Rooibos tea. Pour the tea leaves in the jug, add a bottle of wine (Tattle Tea recommends Pinot Grigio) and refrigerate overnight. The resulting drink is truly unique and has more of a savory character than might be expected. In particular, the astringency of the rooibos (African bush tea) is tempered by the sweetness and acidity of the Pinot Grigio. I also tried the Love Struck Rooibos with a DeMorgenzon DMZ Cabernet Rosé from South Africa. The rooibos complemented the rosé well, enhancing rather than suppressing the wine’s red berry flavors. It’s easy to imagine many other interesting combinations, such as mint tea and Merlot, chamomile and Cabernet, or lavender and rosé. In general, I would avoid using green and black teas, since this would result in a double dose of tannins, leading to an overly astringent drink. If you buy the kit and later decide that tea-infused wine isn’t to your taste, you can always use the jug to make iced tea.

Reviewed by Barnaby Hughes

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