Some Truth About Healthy Food

By admin
[youtube id=”g3nQBVD1LNs”] by Sophie Gayot   As we should all know, the food we eat is a great part of what make us healthy or unhealthy. The quality of the ingredients, meat, fish and produce used, the way they are processed/prepared, and the quantity that we eat all play a role. We should always encourage and support people who show us the way to healthy living. Watch the exclusive video with healthy-living author Dr. Andrew Weil about his new venture: True Food Kitchen restaurants.   There are currently four locations in the US. I was able to have dinner at the one in the new Santa Monica Place in Southern California. You can read the review of True Food Kitchen in the restaurant section. It just made our list of the Top 10 Heart-Healthy restaurants in Los Angeles area. Check out the rest of the list to learn what other places are among the Top 10 healthy restaurants in the LA metro.   Consult’s Heart-Healthy page to find more such restaurants around the world, plus healthy-living tips.   You can click on each photo to enlarge to see dishes from True Food Kitchen restaurant menu. All photos by Sophie Gayot. True Food Kitchen on Urbanspoon